I have always been interested in landscape and nature photography but I wasn't truly inspired until about 12 years ago when I wanted to document the memories of a trip to Odessa Ukraine. As a private pilot I also have an affection for aerial and travel photography, another lifelong passion. But over the years my focus has changed slightly, pardon the pun.

Since moving to Missoula or the "Garden City of Montana" as it's often referred to, I have been able to breath new life into my deep-rooted passion and love for photography. With all the natural beauty that surrounds me here, how could I not. With that mind, for the last 4 years I have been attending the evening lecture series at Missoula' Rocky Mountain School of Photography and have learned much from the owners and instructors there. I also continue to attend other advanced photography workshops in various locations as they become available.

With respect to portrait photography, my goal is to capture the special moments in my clients lives. I enjoy creating a mood in my images, directing a style and a feeling and to create body language with my direction. To quote one of my mentors, "I want to capture you, in a full state of being you, in full appreciation of yourself." I hope you'll allow me to gather those moments in time and turn them into individual works of art to last a lifetime.

About Rich Gaskill

Dirt Over

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Northern Exposure

Photography by Rich Gaskill

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