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Blue Sunset

I wanted to try and have another look of this recent image in a different light (something a bit more surreal). I felt like it needed a special kind of frame though. In this case I used metal frame with various mats. This is a color inverse of the image 'Missoula Sunset'.


What do you think of this variation?



Bikes and Babes

Just talked to a buddy of mine Chris C. from Kalispell MT and he and I spent some time getting caught-up. From what he shared with me during our conversation, I had no idea he was looking for some good images of he and his wife. We have talked about an opportunity to do a photoshoot in Huson MT with him and his lovely wife in the near future. I'm really stoked! I've always wanted to do some work with Harley's and gorgeous babes with tattoos. Sounds like a blast. So stay tuned...we'll see what transpires here in the next few weeks.

Now if the weather will just cooperate. We've been getting lots of rain 'round these parts as of late, but that a good thing...less of a fire season for us which is always welcomed AND it makes everything really green too.

The latest CreativeLive Class Live from Seattle...

Speedlights 101 with Mark Wallace

Once you know what’s happening with your camera and flash you can do almost anything. Speedlights open up a new realm in your photography. They are light to carry, quick to set up. And you never know when you're going to need that extra light for a more dramatic image. This workshop will give you the confidence to incorporate small portable flash in your photography toolkit. From shooting receptions at weddings or adding drama in senior portraits, this workshop will include lots of live shooting examples that will help everything make sense. Get ready to take your photography to the next level. Once you start working with portable flash, you'll never understand how you lived without them. To see more or to join in click here:

MCP Actions

Project MCP is designed to push your creativity, improve your photography skills and help you capture images and memories to last a lifetime. Beginners, hobbyists and professional photographers are all invited to share in the journey.

On the first Saturday of each month, the Project MCP Team will offer up four, or five, challenges; one for each week of the month. The challenges might be a theme, technique or inspirational. Complete all, or just a couple. Take your photos in one shoot or in multiple sessions. This way you can fit Project MCP into your schedule and your life.




Bucketlist - v1.0

Okay, these flowers (Shooting Stars) are high on my list of things I'd like to photograph. Not to mention Bitterroot flowers. Missoula native and painter Monte Dolak will have to suffice until I find some ~enjoy. I just love this painting!! Hope he doesn't mind me posting it.


LS Pro Photo Studio - F-180

I like the basic design of this studio strobe with modeling light, in fact, I love it! Just the right power. But as you can see, the umbrella holder just sux....there's no screw to hold it place!! So, it kinda waddle's around a hole that's nearly twice the size. Dooooh!

Update (May): I've contacted LS Pro Photo Studio U.S. distributor and they have taken steps to correct this serious design flaw.



The website got a bit of a facelift today. Been adding more content as well, including a new model and friend, senor Landry. As of late...basically working on the studio and getting things ready there. Had an issue with the new strobe/modeling light. I think I have the solution in mind, but I'm not real confident of that outcome. It has a really bad design with respect to the umbrella holder, gezzzz! Else, I love it.


Brennan's Wave - Caras Park, Missoula MT


Facebook giving away a Canon 5D MkIII

BE still my beating's just another Canon 5D giveaway on Facebook. This time though it's the MkIII!
Click the link below to get your chance at Canon newest camera.

Although I just purchased a new Canon DSLR this would make a fine edition to my growing list of tools I'm now using. And with some very nice 'L' glass (24-105mm f/1.4 L) I might add!


My Canon photography Dream Wish List

Well, it's that time of year again. I'm another day older. Yippie! Yep, it's my birthday, once again, and I'm still as young at heart and as active as I was 20 years ago. Life does not end at 50 something. As Victor Hugo puts it, "Forty is the old age of youth; Fifty is the youth of old age". That's such a poignant quote, don't you think? Truly a pleasurably stimulating way to look at life, in my view. Besides, I've got plenty of years ahead of me. Plenty of time to hone my skills as a photographer, to see things differently, to train my eye and capture those moments and preserve them for all time. Gawd, I sound like a Canon commercial, don't I? I did not plan that, it just came out way. Really! I just believe it's really an exciting time to be engaged in the art of photography.


So, although I don't often dream in this vibrant a fashion but, hey, if you're gonna dream, dream BIG! right? To that end, I'm sharing my photography equipment Dream Wish List, by way of Canon, and my favorite on-line photography venue, of course! The one exception to said list being that, B&H Photo hasn't got the Canon 5D Mark III on their website yet. What's up with that guys? That being said, a Mark II would certainly suffice ~grins


Who knows, maybe they're listening/watching. How about a discount, Canon folks!? Would love to welcome another sponsor too, like that's gonna happen, right? Wishful thinking Rich. After all, I've only been taking photos for 12 years or so, what do I have to offer the Canon folks, right? How about a customer for life! One can always hope. Nothing ventured, nothing they say.



As silly as it sounds...

...the CreativeLive Glamour Photography workshop with Sue Bryce is now over. It's been a wonderful 3 days listening to Sue's insight, her life, her triumphs and tragedies. Through it all, I learned quite a bit more than I thought I would and related easily to her instruction and working with models and it's like I've met a new friend in this process of becoming a better photographer. I did not realize I would become a better person though (not that I was a bad person to begin with, mind lovely mom raised two gentleman) ~grins. Better in my way of thinking. Just some of the simple things when doing business as a photographer. I think I might have met a kindred spirit, in female form. Someone I already miss. I find myself realizing, it must have something to do with that sweet, buttery Aussie/New Zealand accent...."ya think?" Thank you Sue!


I ♥ this video, although I wanted to use the video you directed with your Canon 5D. May I use it instead?

© Sue Bryce

Glamour Photography workshop with Sue Bryce

I'll be attending the Glamour Photography workshop with Sue Bryce
March 2-4th - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Sue Bryce is the Australian Portrait Photographer of the year for 2011. She built a portrait business from zero to $25,000 per week as a single woman in her home garage. Forget the 90′s Glamour trend, because Sue is reinventing the category.

In this special workshop Sue will teach you how she photographs women, how to bring more feminine posing into your work, her secrets for hair and makeup, and the powerful marketing techniques she's used to build her business. She wants to demonstrate how you can become not only a better photographer, but a better business person as well.

A letter from Ansel Adams to Cedric Wright

I've always known that there something about fine art and in particular photography that has always struck a deep and resonant chord with me, yet, I never knew quite how to verbalize it. But when I first read the following letter, I knew exactly what Ansel was saying. Everything became crystal clear. And after I did, I read it again and then, without really realizing it, I noticed tears were running down my face. To say I was moved is a dramatic understatement. It now serves as a poignant reminder of my passion for photography. Thank you Ansel for allowing me see the light, for a glimpse of who and what inhabits within.


Letter from Ansel Adams to Cedric Wright, June 10, 1937:


"Dear Cedric,


A strange thing happened to me today. I saw a big thundercloud move down over Half Dome, and it was so big and clear and brilliant that it made me see many things that were drifting around inside of me; things that relate to those who are loved and those who are real friends.


For the first time I know what love is; what friends are; and what art should be.


Love is a seeking for a way of life; the way that cannot be followed alone; the resonance of all spiritual and physical things. Children are not only of flesh and blood — children may be ideas, thoughts, emotions. The person of the one who is loved is a form composed of a myriad mirrors reflecting and illuminating the powers and thoughts and the emotions that are within you, and flashing another kind of light from within. No words or deeds may encompass it.


Friendship is another form of love — more passive perhaps, but full of the transmitting and acceptances of things like thunderclouds and grass and the clean granite of reality.


Art is both love and friendship and understanding: the desire to give. It is not charity, which is the giving of things. It is more than kindness, which is the giving of self. It is both the taking and giving of beauty, the turning out to the light of the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is a recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the interrelations of these.




                                 Ansel Adams, 1960, by Nancy Newhall


The Boudoir Workshop

Just finished the Boudoir Workshop with Christa Meola (Feb 12th) and had an amazing 3 days participating. I really had fun and learned so much more than I thought I would at first glance. Now, I just hope I don't go into withdrawal ~Rich grins. Thanks once again Christa and to the entire CreativeLive both did an outstanding job!


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